Real-Life Review: Bonjourpoetry August

Real-Life Review: Bonjourpoetry August

Wow, I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now… Crazy.  I’m glad to have you here reading this.  If you’re just joining us, be sure and check out poems from July as well.

Here’s 5 poems of interest from August (listed in posting order).  Let me know if you think I should have included something else.

Imagining Manna

Rainbow or Chocolate Sprinkles

On Planting Dandelions

Me and My Spaghetti

Throwing out Memories

Here’s a list of all the poems from August to help you remember your favorites.

A Newborn’s Bodily Functions
Clean Teeth Craving
Stuck in a Stare Part 2
Stuck in a Stare
Throwing out Memories
Facebook Poem
Do I Drive-Thru?
Tempted by Raining BMWs
Some sum up an um
Me and My Spaghetti
Changing my Routine
This Parent Rocks
Scraping the Jelly Jar
Blinking at the Naysayers
Happy Birthday too
On Planting Dandelions
Beh-duh Growing Up Soon
On the Way to the Well
The Internet Door
Mass Interruption and Tradition
Urinal Surprise
My Overwhelming Basement
Jesus and Cornflakes
Heaven-Scent Steubenville
An Early morning Hour
Opening Doors
Imagining Manna
Rainbow or Chocolate Sprinkles

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