I notice new windows on a house and wonder how much they paid
The cost of a new roof too, I wish could be relayed
Through the end product prominently displayed.

Landscaping, The flowerbed’s they’ve made
While my grass remains grubbily grayed.
One neighbor’s out there hand trimming each blade.

I pander blessings misconveyed
Sitting in my porch’s shade
And wonder when the green will fade.

3 thoughts on “Greener

  1. Someone put your video on a coffee cup program for me and it is the first thing I see every morning so it is kind of cool, but since I have no control of this I am probably a little more involved in your poetry project than you anticipate. I like it. I did not see any tools you borrowed from us. LOL.
    However, this poem, which is nice, in the writing says “when the green will fade” and in the verbal said when “their green will…” and I guess I want to know which it was?

    1. I decided to switch the word to “the” so it would be either the speaker’s green, or the neighbor’s green. I recorded a version like this, but apparently used the wrong one.

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