Rainbow or Chocolate Sprinkles

My face is pressing a tasteless façade
Smudging up the glass I look through
My breath fogs up the lens of God
While finding which toppings I want to

Have placed on my ice cream, already chosen,
So I can truly enjoy this treat.
My father behind me knows all of the frozen
Combos, his knowledge is sweet.

This decision could be life changing
What if I choose the wrong sprinkle?
I imagine my choice rearranging
A space-time-continuum wrinkle.

My dad knows everything and so I ask
“Should I get chocolate, or rainbow?”
He looks at me, puzzled by the task
Of answering a question I should know.

I turn and face my sprinkles one more time
Rainbow sprinkles, or chocolate ones to flow
Off of a spoon onto the Ice cream I’m
Going to have, but right now, I don’t know.

I’d hate to have the wrong thing sprinkling
So I wonder what would dad want me to do.
Is it rainbows, or chocolate that will bring
Us closer as a family from his view?

One flavor or the other wouldn’t bother
Him or me, it doesn’t really matter
Chocolate on my mouth would look to father
About the same as rainbow sprinkled splatter

I asked my dad again for his solution,
Since I didn’t know exactly how I felt.
He desired me to seek a resolution
So the Ice cream I was gifted wouldn’t melt.

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