Stuck in a Stare

Stuck in a Stare

Okay … Alright… almost… wait for it… There.
Sorry, I was stuck inside of a stare.

You know you can wait for it, right?
You can give in to your stare and not fight
The urge to see a fixed point on the wall
While a friend sends an end snapping stopping call

“hey …hey.” They say as if their snapping wasn’t heard
and somehow they’d pierce your ears with spoken word.
As if their snapping was left to be defined
And you’d only understand if it could be combined

With a “hey… hey…” which of course translates to
“you have something far more important to do,
like look at me and what I’m doing,
Instead of your endless pursuing

Of a fixed point that’s somewhere on the wall.”
This person has sadly never felt the call.

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