Real-Life Review: Bonjourpoetry July

BONJOUR RATING: 56 (16 out of 29) (I love this completely arbitrary rating.)

Here’s my top 5 poems from July.  This is of course subject to change as the wind blows, but this is what I picked this morning.  I’d be curious to hear what you liked?  Is there one poem that really stands out?  Let me know about it.  I’ll be posting a new poem later today.
5 poems of interest from July (listed in posting order)

A “How ya doin’?”
Bird Poop Window
Defining Normal: Advice to a Newly Married Couple
The Distraction of Blogs
Ninja Abs

Here’s a list of all the poems published in July.
*In Decisions
*The Opera Tonight
The Fall of the Gladiator Hand
*A “How ya doin’?
*Joys of Parenthood
Awkward Family Photos
*The Distraction of Blogs
*Bird Poop Rainbow
The Bearded Food-Fighter Talking Snack
Japanese Beetles Sucked
*Defining Normal: Advice to a Newly Married Couple
*This vehicle will truly get me far
Newsprint vs. The iphone
*Encouraging Ventriloquism
When Memories Stay In-Line
Turn-Around Time
*Reader’s Interaction
*Depressed Lawn
*Potential-Rain Delay
Count to Twelve
Digital Photo Etiquette
*Spiritual Communion
A Classic Dinner
*Vending Machine
*Ninja Abs
Mall Walk
*Elevator Ride
Toilet Paper Roll
Before My Children Get up

3 thoughts on “Real-Life Review: Bonjourpoetry July

    1. I meant to comment on the “*” and forgot. Those are the ones I based the “BONJOUR RATING” on. In case you were interested in how I devised my arbitrary rating.

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