Defining Normal: Advice to a newly married couple

You’ll establish your family’s spirit and generosity,
Welcome others to your home and show them love
Open up your hearts, include those people we
Pass by in grocery lines, but don’t think of.

Establish what it means to pray in married life
Creating habits that will form a life of prayer
A unifying constant for a husband and his wife,
That will welcome God and show his love is there.

It’s not unlikely you’ll find children on the way
And you’ll show them what it really means to live.
To love each other and those caught up in today
You’ll show them what it really means to give.

The way you live your lives will be recorded
By your children’s memories that they recall.
The way you live your life will be reported
In nonverbal actions on display for all.

You hold a choice inside the palm of your hand.
It can be stuck there, nailed straight through,
Or more like a post-it you don’t understand
You could drop it and not have a clue.

You are a living example of this life that we get
From God who lets two lives become combined.
For your children, who you haven’t even met,
Normal is still yet to be defined

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