Potential-Rain Delay

It was supposed to rain, and it still may,
Not just rain, but thunderstorms and stuff.
I reasoned that I couldn’t mow today
For fear that clouds had filled enough.

I don’t want rain dripping from the sky
Leaking on me as I mow the lawn.
I’d check to see cloud after cloud go by
But ominously clouds were never gone.

I nodded with a friend who felt the same,
“You can’t mow the lawn in weather like this,
What would you do if the rain came?”
No, you have to plan your mower to miss

The down pour or else you’d have to stop,
And then put the lawnmower away.
Your half mowed lawn of weedy crop,
Looking worse than yesterday.

Why would I mow the lawn
If it wouldn’t do any good?
I’d rather have my weeds grow on
Than have my lawn misunderstood.

2 thoughts on “Potential-Rain Delay

    1. thanks. I wonder if we would have had a grass angel (see “Depressed Lawn”) if I didn’t end up mowing the lawn.

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