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Spam Commercials

Spam Commercials

It’s not that I’m not irritated, I am,
But I wonder why I tolerate the spam
That’s broadcasted through commercial breaks.
It’s not the kind that the internet makes,
But its uninvited, untargeted distraction
Generates the same spammy reaction
Unless the commercial gives me something more,
An unexpected gift I’m watching for.

Sometimes I make typos (Video)

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Sum thyme’s I’m ache Thai pose

Sum thyme’s I’m ache Thai pose
Butt eyes up hose
Hats apart off fusing
Come pewter’s. Whirl oozing

Are ebb ill it he two ought toe
Core hector weed rat her
Ma sheen’s um owe no
how herds chews too gat her

let hers inn us pacific hoarder,
Witch his beater. En dime,
air head squid gills a porter
whose know shaving thyme

Whiff hit snot hunter limed inn read
They’re snow since inn re reed ding
Too Czechs peeling four miss leading
Thinks eye mite half’s ed.

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I notice new windows on a house and wonder how much they paid
The cost of a new roof too, I wish could be relayed
Through the end product prominently displayed.

Landscaping, The flowerbed’s they’ve made
While my grass remains grubbily grayed.
One neighbor’s out there hand trimming each blade.

I pander blessings misconveyed
Sitting in my porch’s shade
And wonder when the green will fade.

Stuck in a Stare: Part 2

Stuck in a Stare: Part 2

Even if there’s something in me that doesn’t love a wall,
There’s something deep inside that wants to stare and stall,
To take a moment and reflect
Superficially dissect
With a visual incision,
Whatever’s in my vision.

It’s a calling that one has at a particular time and place
And although it makes no sense, you can erase
Your thoughts of the rest of the world
And let your body be hurled

Into some sort of stand-by mode
Released by a secret code
Or prematurely quite abruptly
If you choose to interrupt me.

I’ll hold nothing personal against you
If you steal my introverted view,
But why choose it so I lose it,
Why not choose to use it?

Why would you take my view just to take it,
Take my stare in your hands and break it?
People in our culture don’t get it
If a stare must continue, then let it.

There is no rule that says otherwise
So take a moment to finish with your eyes
Before returning to the tasks you have at hand,
By doing so, you’ll come to understand

Why someone sits and sticks inside a stare
And why you should let them have a moment there,
Enjoying this spectator sport
Even if it has to be cut short.

Tempted by Raining BMWs

Tempted by Raining BMWs

God isn’t worried about Money
Because Heaven doesn’t have a hole.
But what if someone drilled through the sun He
Put there and then stole

A stream of gold from heaven’s street.
And left the hole to show his Feat
So everyone on Earth would know
He stole a part of Heaven’s glow.

What would we do with this guy
Who’s taken our thoughts of Heaven to try
And redirect our attention to buy
Sun-beemers that fell from the sky?

We’d let him sell us all sorts of stuff
That we really don’t need anyway.
‘Cause even with more than enough,
Our Freewill would happily pay.