Penetrate Poetry

Penetrate Poetry

Every now and then
I pull out a paper and pen
to penetrate poetry,
To enter an inky realm that I couldn’t type,
one that renders readers ripe
on the tip of my pen.

Each of them getting ink done,
dipping into a full-storied sleeve
of characters who receive
direction from the flexed muscle,
the scraping hustle
of a pen
when I penetrate poetry.

6 thoughts on “Penetrate Poetry

  1. As a fellow poet (and well-tattooed person), I found this piece exquisite. It’s a wonderful metaphor, as sometimes poems and the emotions they give us stick with us as long as a tattoo would. If you’ve not read Mark Strand, I think, based on your style, that you’d like him a lot. Feel free to check out my stuff, too, if you’re bored online with nothing better to do – always nice to see other writers struttin’ their stuff on the interwebs. 🙂

    Again, fantastic job – I look forward to reading more!

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