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Rocking the Ball Point

Still Rocking the Ball Point

I like the flavor of tapping tactile keys,
But when grooves aren’t grained in trees
And drumstick scrolls unroll to free
The static of needles instead of the Beatles of poetry,
I wonder if we’re losing the pressing pop of pages.

Linear indentations rivering dried ink
Are replaced with embedded links
Of mp3 curse,
The inverse
Of pulping poetry.

But like a still dawn lake outside of Woodstock
Where it doesn’t matter what you like,
An analog needle will strike
Down some lyrical talk.

Penetrate Poetry

Penetrate Poetry

Every now and then
I pull out a paper and pen
to penetrate poetry,
To enter an inky realm that I couldn’t type,
one that renders readers ripe
on the tip of my pen.

Each of them getting ink done,
dipping into a full-storied sleeve
of characters who receive
direction from the flexed muscle,
the scraping hustle
of a pen
when I penetrate poetry.

Delayed Writing

Delayed Writing

Nothing is rhyming in my head
Instead my timing’s off
and led-weight feet complete
The mystery of why I waited
‘Till now before I contemplated
What I should write tonight.

Teaching the Memorable Essay

Teaching the Memorable Essay

Open up the essay to get their attention
With a quote or something you mention
That’s attention getting.
Letting your audience get sucked in.
Thinking they lucked in to a setting

That they can really pay attention in.
Now list off what you’re going to tell them
So they know what you’re going to sell them
And don’t worry if they missed it
Because you’ll eventually relist it
When you conclude.

Then come up with a really good thesis,
So that when they see this
They’ll want to engage
And read the whole page.

Write the body of the paragraph next.
This is where you’ll copy text
From sources without citation
And you’ll strive for elongation

By changing the font size
Aiding the marginal eyes
Of your teachers who will be grading
Your plagiarized relating.

After three paragraphs containing a couple quotes
extremely similar to Cliff’s notes
but because you were a little more picky
you found them in an online wiki,

Start the conclusion by concluding what you said
When the reader first read
The thesis statement stated
When you first created the need

To read the page of compiled text.
Then it’s time to expand your thought
And leave the reader with the next
Thesis statement to be caught

In a stack of force fed papers
To become read vapors
Of memoryless essays on the subject
Of… of… well it was about something.

Unspoken Thoughts

Unspoken Thoughts

Your voice is constrained inside a sound
That you can’t wrap your head around,
Lest your voice would be violently
Struggling to speak silently,
Picking your words like ripe fruit,
Hoping speech would follow suit.

The Interlines

The Interlines

In poetry, you should read the negative space,
Where the trace of the poet’s thoughts are gifted.
Intertwined in lines of lace,
A beautiful holy space,
Where love and loss is sifted.

Waiting for Big Ideas

Waiting for Big Ideas

I’m waiting for it, twiddling each thumb
Waiting for an idea to come
But not just something small,
A big idea that I can call
My own thing
That thing that I bring to the table
Out of a fable and into reality
Though the truth might be
That I’m not doing anything
That will actually bring
Something like that into fruition
Because my thumbs rotate in position
Until I have another great thought.
I wouldn’t want to be caught
Thinking something dumb.
So I’m waiting for it, twiddling each thumb,
Waiting for an idea to come.