Hulu Buffers

Hulu Buffers

I’m watching a show
When the dramatic pauses lengthen,
The paralytic tension will strengthen,
And then I know
My entire buffer is gone.
In order for the show to go on
I have to hit the space bar
While I stare at the bizarre
Expression of a face
Until the buffer is in place.

2 thoughts on “Hulu Buffers

    1. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and HULU.

      ABC Was first for a log time… but I think Hulu is my favorite.

      We watch over a wireless signal, and frequently get some buffering issues. Hitting space bar when those issues occur lets you watch the buffer counter add up before hitting spacebar again. Makes you feel like you’re doing something.

      CBS is by far the worst online player. Haven’t checked it in awhile, but it’s always been horrible to use.

      Never had marshmallow alphabits.

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