Vacancy Signs

Vacancy Signs

A couple thousand years a go
There was a pregnant woman, nine months along.
She carried the savior of the world and so
Joseph thought it would be wrong

To stay in a barn all night.
He tried every Inn in sight
In hopes that he might
Find something a little more “right”

Than out in the barn hitting the hay.
Where the animals lay.
But truth is it was fitting the way

Jesus entered the world that night
‘Cause what a horrible sight
It would be if I had to see
Little inn scenes every year
With glowing neon lines
Of vacancy signs.

…But I suppose we should wear those
As we’re staring, preparing the manger scenes
Lining up kings and things.
We should have big old letters across our hearts
Reading “Vacancy” to say that He
Can come in now.

To say, I’ve cleared you a place
My heart now has a space
That you can take and make your own.
Pardon the mess.  I’ve been living alone.

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