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Like water into my mouth
The word flows out,
Floods the air
To leave it’s absence bare.

Leaving warm honey on my lips
Viscosity transforms, and the flow
Hangs thick in the Spirit.

The lick of the tongue sings,
Tasting resurrection.

St. Joseph’s Strength

St. Joseph’s Strength

St. Joseph, I know you had it rough.
You couldn’t be blamed enough
In fact, every family feud
That you imperfectly pursued
Ended in you being wrong,
Mary and Jesus were right all along.
In arguments, you’d take a step back and say, “It’s me”
So that all the world could see
A man’s love is that strong.

Seeking Translucence

Seeking Translucence

I struggle with giving you glory in everything.
I hold onto things that I want to bring
Glory to me.  Some days I feed off of it,
Finding it hard to stand by or sit
And watch something I do become translucent.
Though everyone sees the light that you sent,
Part of me’s in a bright orange vest as the one
Directing traffic toward your Son.

Taking down the Christmas tree

Taking down the Christmas tree

The most effective way to see
The needles flinging off the tree
Would simply be to set it free
From living room captivity.

Stripped of all of its décor,
We’ll try to get it out the door
Leaving memories once more,
As treeless needles on the floor.

I Have Dry Skin

I have dry skin

Our microfiber tablecloth is like the devil to me.
I’m the sinner to who absolutely has to see
Why my mind’s set to a frequency
That desperately screams out to me,

Screeching “Don’t touch that!”
But never the less in no time flat
I’m gripping the deadly sheet,
My fingers are forced to meet

The elegant cloth turned into rags
Caught in dry-fingered snags
That act like chalkboard fingernails.
The fabric cringes me and prevails.

Vacancy Signs

Vacancy Signs

A couple thousand years a go
There was a pregnant woman, nine months along.
She carried the savior of the world and so
Joseph thought it would be wrong

To stay in a barn all night.
He tried every Inn in sight
In hopes that he might
Find something a little more “right”

Than out in the barn hitting the hay.
Where the animals lay.
But truth is it was fitting the way

Jesus entered the world that night
‘Cause what a horrible sight
It would be if I had to see
Little inn scenes every year
With glowing neon lines
Of vacancy signs.

…But I suppose we should wear those
As we’re staring, preparing the manger scenes
Lining up kings and things.
We should have big old letters across our hearts
Reading “Vacancy” to say that He
Can come in now.

To say, I’ve cleared you a place
My heart now has a space
That you can take and make your own.
Pardon the mess.  I’ve been living alone.

Post Office Line

Post Office Line

One week ‘till Christmas and I might miss this
Conversation with The Divine
Since I’m standing in line
Busily waiting in a blank stare not talking.
Standing in line not walking,
Simply suspended
Where footprints ended.

But I should start those conversations with God
Start making it feel less odd
By leaving two footprints in the sand
And saying a prayer while I stand
Waiting for a gift to be mailed,
A gift that wasn’t nailed.

Parental Superpower: Ability to Find Joy

Parental Superpower: Ability to Find Joy

He pronounced the word “Joy” with an African accent,
One word spoken clearly through crying attack sent
From my kid to my ear
As I tried to clear out to the cry room,
The vocal tomb of unwanted crying
Receiving looks from those denying
They’d lost their reason to sit there.
So I walked further back to where
I could sway and shhh my child who fell off the kneeler,
Wiping her tears away to reveal her
Still-crying eyes that were calming from being scared.
I tasted salt on my lips and prepared
To go back out to the pew…
In a minute or two.
My daughter was ready but I was held on
To the joy of the moment before it was gone.