Wrapping Presents with Eyelids

Wrapping Presents with Eyelids

Whether it’s a box, or a ball
Something big, or something small,
Efficiency and creativity mesh
Inside a small square-inch of flesh.

There’s no need to cut paper in straight lines or fold neatly
When eyelids redefine completely
How easy it is to wrap a gift,
And they simply unwrap with a lift.

There’s no need for excess tape or
Any expensive paper.
It’s really not too spendy
To be this eco friendly.

We should call it going green
Or brown, or blue, I mean
Whatever’s the color or their eyes
When they open their surprise.

You can even double wrap with hands,
If the person understands
That anticipation lingers
When they don’t peak through their fingers.

But Be wary of those views and peek-a-boos
That seek to lose
The surprise that lies
Opposite their eyes.

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