Waiting for Signs

Waiting for Signs
(Luke 17:20-25)

Waiting for signs from above
You’re waiting for some dove
To land on your shoulder,
When there’s already a boulder
That’s been moved.
Grooved into history
Making the rest to be

Why do I look for a sign
Waiting for the obvious to be restated,
When the Son already shines
Over an undercomplicated
Heart that I close my eyes to
In hopes that I do
His will and not my own
In the things I’m shown.

“Bring on the lightning
That’s frightening demons!
Bring on the stashes of flashes
You’ve been saving up!”

“Drink My saving cup,”
He point blankly sighs.
The Kingdom’s amidst you
Yet your tongue dries
In waiting
Something you’ve missed
In Eucharist.

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