I wrote the following poem the weekend before my wife and I started dating.


I smile at the thought of you seeing me
praying poetry
for our relationship to be
led by He
who created both you and me.

I pray that the Spirit’s grace
will lace your thoughts,
trace your skin,
and chill your spine
to intertwine
God alone
with your own
thought’s pace.

Walk towards Him,
and I will walk with you.
Allow His Spirit to wrap you
Clap you in His hands
He understands your need for a blanket,
Thank it,
this warm swarm
in the spirit of prayer
where He traps you, wraps you,
and slaps you
upside the head.

You’re alive.
Rise up from this dead heart of stone
you are not alone.
You’re with God.

You and He are now We,
and I see you two
singing and Dancing together
whether or not you notice me thinking
“So this is your drinking the spirit,”
How beautiful to be near it
that spirit that she sits and emits
by saying yes.

How beautiful it is to be near you.
whether or not you notice the thinking I do,
How beautiful it is to be near you.
hear you singing,
bringing His spirit into my ears
as it nears the time
when I’m
going to say yes again
when the spirit in you
will shine on the spirit in me
so that I can’t even see
anything but the spirit of He
who made both you and me.


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