Real-Life Review: Interrogations at Noon

interrogationsatnoonWhat’s a Real-Life Review?

BONJOUR RATING: 33 (12 out of 37)

DISTRACTIONS: Reading in the dark while trying to get kids to sleep

“The world does not need words.” Is the first sentence of the first line of the first poem in this collection.  I’m a sucker for a good poem about the craft of words since I love them so much.  I was immediately intrigued and ignored my children for a moment, allowing myself to enjoy reading poems again.

Failure would soon follow though.  No, I mean literally, a couple pages later Dana Gioana introduces us to Failure.   This poem calls you and your children failures but pulls it off without being too self-deprecating by introducing the failure of failing.  A successfully-written complication.

I soon found myself reading in a darkly lit room saying shush to my children every couple of minutes.   That might explain why not much could measure up to failure until page 51 when I joined a former loving couple at a table for some conversation about one of them being engaged.  I find a love triangle as The Corner Table is immediately joined by two more “love” poems and finish up the book finding poems of interest on about every other page.

Curriculum vitae was also nestled in these pages with a beautiful simplicity that can only be contained in a six-line poem that requires more words to complement it than it required of itself when it was originally written.

Poems of Interest
At the Water Front Café
Curriculum Vitae
Corner Table
Long Distance
My Dead Lover
Homage to Valerio Magrelli : V.
For Sale
Summer Storm

Additional Links of Note:

Dana Gioia

Graywolf Press

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