Poetry Unhexed

Poetry Unhexed

My ears ring hollow
Keeping me up at night with the need to write,
To compose,
To slate out words no one knows why
… at first.

But poems form and the screen fills with text
Poetry unhexed
Is given birth on the eve of morning.


I actually posted this one about six months ago with a link to an audio version.  But while I was reading it this time, in my basement, I decided I didn’t like the last line.  The previous audio version ended up being quite a different reading than this one.  In the previous reading, the last two lines run together, whereas, I’ve been recently reading it with a pause before the last line.  Crazy, I know.


Here’s another poem read from my basement.

Guilty for attempted penetration of frozen supplies.
Overnight you planned the demise
Of manager’s special fish, pizza and vegetables.
But your root barrel shrapnel failed.
Once again, the good guys prevailed
And rather than wiping up root beer stains
A ziplock forcefield contains
The reminder of your infiltration,
Potential contamination,
Slowly melting away
‘Till later today
When you and my lips meet
And I drink to your defeat.

Picking Scabs

Picking at an old scab
that curiosity can’t leave alone
finding fingernails find leverage
in courage flaking,
bloody polygons with white stroke.
I can’t help but poke
through to my insides

My thumbnail grown ripe for such an occasion
rims the countour’s
protecting me.
The hard edged nail sets sail
rounding rough
deflecting me into a detachment
worthlessly protected
in poetry.


Now that I’ve killed any regular readership that I’ve built up with a lack luster frequency of distribution, it’s time to redirect this blog a little bit.  Yes, I’ll still be posting poetry, but I’ll also be posting ideas around poetry.  How poetry lives and interacts with the world.  Should poetry get locked inside books?  How should we engage with this art form? How important is the printing style of a book?  How does poetry interact with digital film?  Every Monday and Thursday I’ll be posting a poem on this blog, and the rest of the time, I’ll be exploring the depths of poetry and its form.

Dead blog

This one’s my reflections this morning as I’ve thought of my morning rebirth post the other day.  Let’s see if this jives things up.


Dead blog

Abandoned words
With deadlinks to the outside.
Resides to show how much I used to write
Not the might of my current state
But a telling of the short poetry of my past
When fast musings relayed
Everydayed observations
In poetry.

rebirth post

This is that post that you see from kinda out of now where on the blogs you follow… you know what I’m talkin’ about.  The kind that seem to appear in your feed and remind you that you’d forgotten about them… the them being me and bonjourpoetry.  So… this is me saying I’m here again.

What is the bonjour poetry site… well it started out as a place where I wrote a poem-a-day.  Did that for about a year.  Then it kinda filled a little bit here and there over this past year…. and now…. Now?   Well.  You’ll have to come back and see.

Really Andy?   you’re going to leave me with a you’ll-have-to-come-back-and-see line.


But it’s true… you see, I’m stuck in the middle of this rebirth post where I’m telling the reader all about how awesome the blogs going to be… or at least that I’m going to be blogging again.  So… you can’t really trust me.  I’m high on post rebirth endorphins and I’m not reliable in this state.

So come back tomorrow and see if I post something. Until then, it’ll be today.

Poetry on Netflix

I’m studying poetry in its relationship to electronic media more closely than I have in the past.  For that reason, I’ve started up a netflix account. Here’s where I’m at so far.

netflix poetry rankings

Brave New Voices was a fun little reality show, but not enough poetry for me.  more about the poets… or prepping for the event and not enough of hearing the poems.

The Hip hop poetry jam and poets in hip hop appear to have been from the same night at the Ivar Theatre.  As with all readings, poetic quality and performance varries.  Some poets were more polished than others.  Production quality was pretty poor for these discs too.  Cameras didn’t match, we saw the floor too much, and the dynamic range of the audio was too large for television viewing.  When you stick the discs in a computer, one of them was called “untitled”, and one of them was called “will”.  That bugs me, but those watching in traditional viewing styles won’t notice.

I did enjoy that in between every poem read on stage, we were taken backstage where we had a quick moment with the poet talking about the poem that they read on stage.  The angles and camera movements kept these moving along visually while giving us insight into the poets poems.

I also watched the documentary entitled, “The Poetry Anthology: Romantic Poets“.  I enjoyed this and watched it twice while doing other computer work at like 5 in the morning.  I feel like I picked up some basic knowledge from the presentation.  I was entertained at what the creators of the doc chose to show when they didn’t have any b-roll to show.  I seem to recall generic streams that glistened for just a few too many times while the dialogue stretched underneath.  This doc was very much a here-watch-this-in-school documentary.

I probably wouldn’t recommend ordering any of these from netflix, but when pressed, I’d suggest the brave new voices series.  I’ll be working my way though the netflix selections on poetry and I’ll keep you posted as to what I find.  hopefully I’ll have an awesome recommendation for you, but not yet.