Broken Chair

From a broken chair


Really? This chair sucks.

That comfortable broken-in look is misleading

‘cause upon seating, it’s fleeting

and I’m left with that broken look

that took away the comfort projected

by a mind wanting cozy,

not broken, Broken in.

wonderin’ why I wander in

to find what I begin

with a broken chair

Inserting a broken stare

From my computer

And back again

When I realize I’m writing

Lighting a flame

From a broken chair.





This is a ping poem
To see who’s home,
Who subscribes still
To a fill of poetry
Unearthed on a screen
Where the shovel is rusted,
Needs to be dusted
With more earth…
Time for rebirth.

Tribute to a Visionary

Last week, I shared this youtube video over at’s facebook page. I wrote it and posted it when I heard that Steve Jobs died. I really don’t know much about the man, but this poem is my response to his death as I reflected on visionaries that we’ve lost.


read poem, help poet

read poem, help poet
Boggle Poetry

Boggle poetry.  Who knew.  One day when I was looking for poetry, I found it in a boggle board.  I just shook the dice and there was this poem… alright … I can’t keep a straight face.  This poem didn’t just appear.  I got the idea in my head that I wanted to make a poem within the boggle game.  the rules, (or system, or poetic guidelines) that I set forth was to use all the letters and create a poem that made sense.  This four line, four word poem is the result.

if you’re up to the challenge, I’d love to see what you come up with.

“Beginnings” read from my basement

Hey, here’s another poem read from my basement.  I used a 5, 7, 5 syllable count and called it a Haiku.  Feel free to let me know if I’m wrong… if  it’s not a haiku, we’ll just call it a short poem and all will be well.


No Sunrise today
But I watched the shadings play
To overcast gray.

Please note that I said in the video that people wrote Haiku in grade school, or middle school, or college…. In truth, I meant those arbitrary assignments of time to be representational of when someone (such as myself) would have had to write a haiku in school… not as a limiter in anyway.  any age group is welcome to haiku it up.

how to write poetry

How To Write Poetry:

  1. Decide to do it.
  2. Go to office.
  3. Sit in chair.
  4. Plan on a lunch break.
  5. first decide on breakfast.
  6. Get distracted and go to Goodwill and look stuff.
  7. Drive.
  8. Have drive.
  9. Go for a drive.
  10. Get a drink.
  11. Eat your lunch.
  12. Find your pen.
  13. Pull out your paper.
  14. Stare at it.
  15. Feel the pressure of the page.
  16. Release pressure.