Picking Scabs

Picking at an old scab
that curiosity can’t leave alone
finding fingernails find leverage
in courage flaking,
bloody polygons with white stroke.
I can’t help but poke
through to my insides

My thumbnail grown ripe for such an occasion
rims the countour’s
protecting me.
The hard edged nail sets sail
rounding rough
deflecting me into a detachment
worthlessly protected
in poetry.

2 thoughts on “Picking Scabs

  1. well hello out there
    thank you for the poetry.
    I’m hoping this is Andy Bonjour, we met at Goddard one night, I was yammering on about letterpress while doing yoga, you attempted to convince me to set & print your study plan.. it’s Jen, hello!

    I’m writing to ask if you can kindly repeat what you told me about compressing video files – so I can easily send video via email & stick video on my blog w/out things blowing up or people getting irrate about inbox space.
    I’d truly appreciate this info, Thanks & thanks.

    I hope your 1st semester is going super smoothly

    -do you know Shayne Koyzan? awesome live spoken word poetry..: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHczVzGfyqQ

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