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Claiming My Shoes

Claiming My Shoes

Although I haven’t spoken in
My own shoes that aren’t broken in
My voice is hoarse from sideline views
Of simply watching running shoes.

I think of walking in your shoes.
The balls of my feet would give out
And blisters would make me lose
My desire to learn about

How well your shoes would fit.
Rather than walk for a mile.,
I’d like my feet to sit
In my own shoes for a while,
Figuring out my style.

It’s time for me to make a choice
And go barefoot no longer.
It’s time for me to claim my voice
Walk, talk and make it stronger.

Book Covers

Book Covers

I know that you can’t judge a book by its cover,
But I browse through a bookstore and eyes start to hover
On those with prime real estate
To which I can’t relate
Unless their creative lines
And artful graphic designs
Pull me in to the text.
Without these, an author is hexed.

So rather than curse the writer
I’ll let a byline cite her
While I get distracted with an interesting cover,
Holding the graphic design above her.



I hit command “N” and reveal document29
A blank slate pretends there’s a poem inside my mind
That fits on this glowing white screen
Overlaying a cluttered desktop unseen.

After clicking through 28 different starts
This new document departs
From the poems I’m not quite ready to pound out,
Those I’d rather take time to sound out.

This deadline of a daily poem entertains me
While at the same time it restrains me
From elaborating on ideas that need more than a day
To be developed in a more careful way.

Which is why this is document29 on my desktop,
Where I write something I won’t have to stop
And think too deeply about
As I crank another one out.

“Catholic Pickup Lines” beat out by “Walking with the Potter”

Real-Life Review: Bonjourpoetry September

Distractions:  A lot going on this month, It’s been much harder to find time to write.  Hopefully I’ll find a good groove for October.

Here’s my picks fro the top 5 poems from September in the order that I ranked them.  What do you think? Did I mess up the ranking, or do you agree with me?  Leave a comment below.

1.  Walking with the potter

2.  Catholic Pickup Lines

3.  Sum thyme’s I’m Ache Thai pose

4.  Grilled Cheese Vs. Taco

5.  A quick clothing check as we sit stand and kneel

Some Times I Make Typos – Proofread copy

I guess you could say this is the English translation of Sum Thyme’s I’m ache Thai Pose.  You’ll want to click that link if you haven’t read the original version of the poem.

Some Times I Make Typos.

Some time’s I make typos,
But I suppose
That’s a part of using
Computers.  We’re losing

Our ability to auto
Correct or we’d rather
Machines somehow know
How words choose to gather

Letters in a specific order,
Which is better. And I’m,
a red squiggle supporter
who’s now saving time.

If it’s not under lined in red
There’s no sense in rereading
To check spelling for misleading
Things I might have said.

Sum thyme’s I’m ache Thai pose

My apologies for yesterday’s typo.  Here’s a poem on typos to make up for it.

Sum thyme’s I’m ache Thai pose

Sum thyme’s I’m ache Thai pose
Butt eyes up hose
Hats apart off fusing
Come pewter’s. Whirl oozing

Are ebb ill it he two ought toe
Core hector weed rat her
Ma sheens um owe no
how herds chews too gat her

let hers inn us pacific hoarder,
Witch his beater. En dime,
air head squid gills a porter
whose know shaving thyme

Whiff hit snot hunter limed inn read
They’re snow since inn re reed ding
Too Czechs peeling four miss leading
Thinks eye mite half’s ed.

Now CLICK HERE for the easy to read version of this poem

Coat Rack Reactions

Coat Rack Reactions

You are the coat rack where I hang up my reactions.
I look to you to see how I’m doing.
Did you like the whole poem, or just fractions
Of an idea I was pursuing?

Both suits and holey jeans as well,
Aligned and hung upon the torturous rack.
Reacting verse that’s taking time to spell
Out situations otherwise held back.

I leave my clothes to hang suspended
In time you’ll pick up a hat or a glove
From an outfit left out, intended
For your wear.  To hate or to love.