The Couch-Line of Toys

The Couch-Line of Toys

An army of toys deploys it’s frontline
Into uncharted territories to find
The mysteries underneath the couch that lie
Out of the reach of my
Hand’s swipe for figurines and Duplos,
Unwilling to join those
We’ve already put away.
I give up, knowing that another day
I’ll lift the couch and find
The toys, now out of sight inside my mind.

5 thoughts on “The Couch-Line of Toys

  1. Some of them have ventured beneath the cushions, and chances are, scouts have explored the perimeter…My kids are almost all teenagers and I still find marbles, legos and army men in the strangest places. Great poem!

    1. Strange places… We have a spoon inside one of our heater vents… I know where it is, I was there when it was dropped in… but I haven’t gotten to it in the last three years… So it goes.

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