Advent: Jesus Heist

Advent: Jesus Heist

Sometimes Christmas looks more like a Jesus Heist
Than a celebration of Christ.
A boy is busy wrapping arms around his presents
When he should embracing His presence,

Consuming Christ in preparation for His coming,
His entering the world and summing
Up God’s total revelation
For our endless contemplation

Of the anniversary of Christ’s birth,
Of God made man on Earth
So that we might have light again,
But instead we check off lists and then

Never have a chance to anticipate
The savior we wish to celebrate.
Christmas arrives and we give each other gifts
Never giving ourselves lifts

In our own spirituality,
Stuck in secular commonality
That makes us wonder if a present pleases,
While we never gave a thing to Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Advent: Jesus Heist

    1. I’ll be doing poems from my basement again soon… Haven’t gotten it back up and running yet. But soon. Working on a couple of other poetry videos too.

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