Mid-Calf Tube

Closest Picture I could find to a mid-calf tube.

Mid-Calf Tube

I will only wear the mid-calf tube from this day on.
I will throw out every other sock I own
And I’ll forget them when their gone,
Pretend the mid-calf’s all I’ve known.

The marvelous mid-calf tube, sweet foot pocket,
Blissful blazes of bleached glory
Busting eyes out of the sockets
That look on to this bright story.

The story when we retire all our other socks.
Is this that day, or is this just the buzz we
Chatter about when we talk
So we can dream of that white fuzzy.

That future memory that’s not so distant
If we’re consistently persistent
In our standards for our socks.
When we go out on our walks,

Or go to the grocery store
We shouldn’t have any more
Mismatched temptations
Yielding pairations

Of socks never meant to go together.
Time constraints should not force a pair.
I dream of a day where
It doesn’t matter whether

I have my eyes open or closed
When I go in the sock drawer.
What are we pre-pairing for,
When we could have proposed

The solution long ago.
It’s time to rise up and take action
Join this mid-tube faction
And Throw out every other sock we know.

7 thoughts on “Mid-Calf Tube

  1. I only have one kind of sock so that a pair always equals two socks. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work very well for our little girls who want pink and blue and green and flowers and ponys and different flowers and ….

  2. I did this when I went to college and then things change and this or that happens and your sock collection changes. Realistically, I’d like to have a standard brown, a standard black, and a standard white (the mid-calf tube)

    Alex, Apparently it’s trendy for girls to have mismatched socks. check out http://www.littlemissmatched.com/

    1. okay so you have a contract with the sock company and i work for the safety pin people.
      i think we are both right!

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