Legally Killing My Son.

*I usually don’t preface poems with thoughts… but wanted to throw a couple things out there.  1). My wife is not currently pregnant.  This poem would prompt the question from some of my readers.    2). where this is coming from:  I was remembering the weirdness of this thought when Matthias (our youngest) was still in the womb.  My wife and I have had 3 kids thus far and with each one of them, it strikes me that the government gives us these “free passes” to kill our children up to a certain age.  Weirder still, if my wife and I weren’t on the same page, then she could kill my child without my permission.

Legally Killing My Son.

The government gives someone else permission to kill my child.
Isn’t that wild?
That my wife
Could go without my knowledge and take a life.
And not just any life, but that of my son.
My flesh and blood undone.
Unraveled, unwound.
Never found outside the womb by this father.
Never seen to be more than a memory
By me without a choice,
Left without a voice.

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