Utensils for Eating Ice Cream

Utensils for Eating Ice Cream

Ice cream should only be served with a small spoon.
So that the end will not arrive too soon.
A large spoon makes the moment all too short
But will suffice if it’s a last resort.

The other exception that I could make
Is eating ice cream with my cake.
I wouldn’t break the cake-fork combination
For the small spoon Ice cream sensation.

Plastic forks though, change the rule of play
Since you don’t know when a prong might break away.
When using plastic, a spoon’s the way to go
To be safe on all utensil rules I know.

But the one ice cream utensil that’s the best
By far, held up above the rest
That trumps the spoon rules I suppose
Would be the one that’s underneath your nose.

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