Rejected Catholic Pickup Lines

I’ll be posting a new poem later today. In the meantime….

Here’s some non poetic catholic pickup lines that didn’t make the cut for the catholic pickup line poem, but might be fun to read.

List of rejected lines.

Didn’t I see you in the papist picture of the day?
Girl, you make me go to confession.
You must be my sign from God.
What’s your favorite disease?
My dream car is a fifteen passenger van.
Want to start a domestic church?
Do you think the pope does marriages?
You want to hold hands during the Our father?
Want to betray me on the lips?
I guess I can stop looking for my vocation.

Girl to Guy rejected line
Dude you’re built like Jesus, I should eat you. (This was my favorite of the bunch)

Click to read the original poem.

After writing this poem, I found this link to catholic Pickup lines on facebook.  A good resource if my poetic suggestions fall short.

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