A Quick Clothing Check as We Sit, Stand, and Kneel

A Quick Clothing Check as We Sit, Stand, and Kneel.

Like a good catholic, I sit in the back with
My eyes on the whole congregation.
We modesty check for an odd to see speck
Of skin that distracts concentration.

As sure as I am there’s the sign of the cross,
There are rows of people that check for the loss
Of backsided coverage from clothing scrunched up
Or a skirt that gets straightened from being bunched up.

There’s that guy with his pants that he lifts past his belly
By ringing his thumb round his belt, you can tell he
Has done this for ages, this unsubtle move.
I call it a prayer, this pantaloon groove.

Some may pick wedgies out from their behind,
While I sit behind out of sight out of mind
Some do a shirt-flap and let their shirt hover
Before landing in for a straightened, butt cover.

Sometimes it is simply the swipe of the hand
A motion that all of us now understand
Results from the praise that our bodies reveal,
A quick clothing check as we sit, stand and kneel.


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