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The Dandelion Fight

The Dandelion Fight

My lawn is a mix of triumphant battle battered dandelions
Beaten with weed killer, but they’re tryin’
To stand tall, even if half of them fall with a curved stem.
I thought defeat would come to them
But they stand ready for another blow
So I’ll fight with a mow.

The remaining poofs see a tragic
Disappearing under the blade.
But we both know, like magic,
They’ll grow where they’ve strayed.

Where does the day go?

Where does the day go?

I haven’t checked things off my list
Look around, there’s tons I’ve missed,
The garden still needs weeding
The baby still needs feeding

I’ll let Jodi handle that one
But there so much more undone.
The cluttered chaos on the ground
Doesn’t make me feel unwound

I don’t want to pick up my shoe
and place it neatly out of view
But when you act on “I don’t want to”
Then it’s just left out to taunt you.

Japanese Beetles Sucked

A Japanese Beetle should cower
When sitting on top of my flower,
Eating Petunias with Glee.
He’ll no longer mettle
I’m crushing each petal
And stomping each buffet to-be.

Trapped inside astonishment
We both hold some accomplishment
Until I find his buddies in my garden
Pesto potential’s eaten
By those who’ve found a seat in
My basil plants and fail to beg my pardon.

Previous instincts didn’t suck
So I try a whirlwind attack
Rubbing my shop vac quick for luck
Let’s hope that they never come back.