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Post Office Line

Post Office Line

One week ‘till Christmas and I might miss this
Conversation with The Divine
Since I’m standing in line
Busily waiting in a blank stare not talking.
Standing in line not walking,
Simply suspended
Where footprints ended.

But I should start those conversations with God
Start making it feel less odd
By leaving two footprints in the sand
And saying a prayer while I stand
Waiting for a gift to be mailed,
A gift that wasn’t nailed.

Parental Superpower: Ability to Find Joy

Parental Superpower: Ability to Find Joy

He pronounced the word “Joy” with an African accent,
One word spoken clearly through crying attack sent
From my kid to my ear
As I tried to clear out to the cry room,
The vocal tomb of unwanted crying
Receiving looks from those denying
They’d lost their reason to sit there.
So I walked further back to where
I could sway and shhh my child who fell off the kneeler,
Wiping her tears away to reveal her
Still-crying eyes that were calming from being scared.
I tasted salt on my lips and prepared
To go back out to the pew…
In a minute or two.
My daughter was ready but I was held on
To the joy of the moment before it was gone.

God’s Choice

God’s Choice

Jesus was hanging out upside down and wet
Long before the blood and sweat
Went splintering through eternity
In hopes that we would learn to see
The value of a person through this choice,
To start the savior’s life without a voice.

Advent: Waiting for a Baby’s Crying

Advent: Waiting for a Baby’s Crying

Tree lights twinkle, sprinkle joy inside my eyes,
Awaiting Christmas, when their lights will be out shown.
The joy illuminated by what we’ve anticipated
In the Son who comes to love us as His own.

This specialized event of grace, renewing every year,
That allows us to displace the race for packages and hear
A baby’s cry that saves the world so we can celebrate
The birth of One who’s in the womb this advent while we wait.

Forever Sunday

Forever Sunday

Do you think God invented Monday?
The mental connotations of this one day
Are far from that of any given Sunday.

I propose that God invented Monday
Despite that fact it happens to be one day,
That is for me, a never-see-the-sun day.

I’ll work inside a dark room all of Monday
Feeling like the weekend’s short by one day
Wishing to myself that it was Sunday.

Regardless whether God invented Monday
I’ll keep working for the Lord until that one day
That I might live in His Forever Sunday.

Advent: Jesus Heist

Advent: Jesus Heist

Sometimes Christmas looks more like a Jesus Heist
Than a celebration of Christ.
A boy is busy wrapping arms around his presents
When he should embracing His presence,

Consuming Christ in preparation for His coming,
His entering the world and summing
Up God’s total revelation
For our endless contemplation

Of the anniversary of Christ’s birth,
Of God made man on Earth
So that we might have light again,
But instead we check off lists and then

Never have a chance to anticipate
The savior we wish to celebrate.
Christmas arrives and we give each other gifts
Never giving ourselves lifts

In our own spirituality,
Stuck in secular commonality
That makes us wonder if a present pleases,
While we never gave a thing to Jesus.

We Don’t Grill Babies

We Don’t Grill Babies

After stuffed animals and baby dolls were shown,
As exhibitions of my son’s playing.
It’s likely my voice contained a confused tone
At the wonder of what I was saying.

My son was grilling dinner on the ottoman, it
Took me a moment but I thought a minute
And after rationalizing “yeses”, “Nos” and “Maybes”,
I came up with, “we don’t grill babies.

You can grill animals ‘till your heart’s content
But a baby who does not consent
Cannot be cast on the flames of a grill.
To be disposed of at your will.

In fact, a baby who does consent cannot be killed
Simply because the two of you willed
It to be so.  Human life contains value.
So grill a tasty animal pal you’d
Like to eat instead
Of pretending the babies are dead.”

My wife gave me a smirkey smile from the other chair,
Loving me and the words I chose to share
With our three year-old who was grilling
Babies that no one should be killing.



The park was our destination
But my son’s procrastination
Was fueled by acorn shell designs
And spelling STOP signs.

Things that were understood
To be not as good
As the slide
he would ride.

I guess I should slow down and learn
The path his walking weaves.
It’s time for me to take a turn
Enjoying crunchy leaves.

What’s the point of time to spare
If I hurry towards the end,
Not realizing my son’s not there
‘cause he had time to spend.

Thank God

Thank God

I’m thankful that I have a lover above me,
Three persons that love me,
Take care of me, and provide
All the things I’ve tried
To do on my own
When I haven’t known
Or realized He’s tried
To ease my pain and provide
Everything and love me
While walking with me and above me.

Dignity is Not Based on Duration

Dignity is Not Based on Duration

There are people that we’ll never see again
People we meet at a party and then
Proceed to ignore
Because they’re not people to us,
They’re not worth the fuss
Of human dignity.

We build fences based on a duration,
Of an undefined relation
With a stranger.
When we know our contact won’t be long
We think it isn’t wrong
To write off the human person.