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Facebook Changed Again

Facebook Changed Again

It looks like Facebook’s changed again
They went and rearranged it when
They could have left it as it was
Instead of changing just because.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s good
We all know it’s understood
That soon enough they’ll change again
And we’ll just have to wait till then.

Upon Gmail’s Return

Upon Gmail’s Return

Gmail, my buddy, why were you down?
I looked for my mailings but none could be found
Not even your logo appeared on my screen.
Your nothingness leaving my mail all unseen.

Your finally back up and I’ve checked out my mail
And it looks like you’re running as if without fail
Except for the fact that I’m missing bold text
Of new mail, telling me others were hexed.

Facebook Poem

Facebook Poem

I’ll see what you’ve been up to
In a place where time suspends,
Hung up on walls for me to view
What’s up with all my friends,

Friends I haven’t spoken too
For forever and a day
Or friends I’ve never met who
Just happen in to say

A comment on my wall, a link,
Perhaps a status update.
If I don’t stop and think,
At least I hesitate

Before I click to view your photos
And all your conversations.
Perhaps you did not know that those
Were public complications

That I just saw, or over heard
By clicking through the sprawls
Of information friends inferred
And wrote on others’ walls.

The Internet Door

The internet is like an open door
That swings in from behind before I know
The information’s like an open sore.

I pick it piece by piece as I implore
My clicks to lead me on, a friend info.
The internet is like an open door.

My windows broke last night and so my floor
Is now translucent booby-traps galore.
The information’s like an open sore.

The bugs ate through the screen or simply tore
Their way through obstacles as if for show
The internet is like an open door.

I’m still unsure what information’s for
If memory’s retention is so low
The information’s like an open sore.

I still recall the past when I’d explore
But can’t remember where I’d like to go
The internet is like an open door
The information’s like an open sore.

Urinal Surprise

women's urinals

A friend of mine, a man of God
Was wandering on retreat.
He had to go, but found it odd
Enough to have to tweet

And facebook out his circumstance
For all the world to see
What made him take a second glance
When on his way to pee.

The sign read “women” on the door,
But this convenient compromise
Left him unphased before
He had his urinal surprise.

The friend mentioned in the poem was Chris Padget.  Check out his site.

The Distraction of Blogs

The Distraction of Blogs

I’m distracted in the blogosphere
By all the links that seem so near
‘cause everything’s a click away
to see what someone else would say

about tangential information
that keeps adding complication
to a simplified relation
from a blogger’s revelation.

Comments and links lead me on.
The original posting is gone
Somewhere in my history
Only slightly missed by me,

Who’s moved on to new sites
Discovering new writes
Of passage serenading
In blogs we keep creating.