Rain Moments of Today

Yesterday my kids wanted to go outside in the rain.  It was a treat for Gianna to wear her rain coat and boots.  I decided to capture the moments and then write the following poem.  The poem came out sadder than the moments of the day, but accurate still.  At some point my kids will grow up, and I’ll be telling the parents of young kids to cherish those moments before they go away.

Rain Moments of Today

I watch my kids discover puddles,
So I run with the camera to capture the joy
Of my boy, girl, boy, screeching in delight
At the sight, sound and feel that mud might reveal
As it shoots from concrete pools and tools its way inside
To where their feet reside.

Laughter wins as one discovers mud on his hands,
Joyously he understands that he’s getting away with something
Which is why I’m snapping pictures today
Before he gets away.

3 thoughts on “Rain Moments of Today

  1. Outstanding poem and video today! I think this might be my new favorite ahead of coffee, sugar, cream and ninja abs.

  2. How lovely! I can remember doing the same at age four, going out in the garden with my new transparent umbrella (a 70’s fashion!) just so I could look up to the sky and watch the rain fall on me! Wish I had film of that moment – because rain doesn’t have that effect on me now!! Great that you captured it all and your thoughts with it too. Your children will thank you for it one day, and future generations will know what little bits of fun children had in 2011!

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