Foiled Fish plans

Here’s a quick poem off of a prompt from Jessie Carty.


Foiled Fish plans

Frustration’s passing foil for a second time
As I round the grime of kool-aid stick
Sucking my attention away from rolls to rolls.
From strollers to strolls through the bread aisle once more
Though I’d been there before just 5 minutes ago.

A few aisles over, unobserved stacks of sheet metal
Sat on a shelf next to the window clings
and food saving things that were transparent.

I was transparent,
Stuck in a stare, unobserved next to an empty cart
That once cradled the promise of baked fish.
I had vanished completely when the store clerk grabbed the cart
To drive the squeaky wheel back to the front of the store.

My click-clack shoe-smack and the cart
had long since been apart
As he wheeled it past the woman buying frosted O’s
One aisle over from my invisible foiled fish plans.

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