Thank You to My Eyebrows

Thank You to My Eyebrows

When a droplet of sweat gets stuck,
Woven into those hairy things
After trickling down my forehead,
I’m thankful I have eyebrows.

Each bushel of hair allows
The collection of sweat instead
Of coating eyeballs with sweat stings.
The eyebrowless are out of luck.

6 thoughts on “Thank You to My Eyebrows

  1. Ahh not so, Mr. Bonjour Poet. I’m old enough to remember in the 80s Olivia NJ and J Travolta wearing pastel-colored sweat sponge headbands ABOVE their eyebrows, thus making eyebrows obsolete. We could all shave our eyebrows, affix a stretchy band on our forehead, and have sting-free eyes as we work-out to Grease music. Pearl

  2. Hey Andy! Being a mostly non-sweaty type (family trait,) I’ve never really appreciated my eyebrows.

    But I LOVE this piece of yours. Funny! Long may your brows serve and protect you!


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