Coffee Prep

Coffee Prep

I woke up this morning warning myself I wasn’t ready.
I needed more sleep before I could steady
The coffee spoon without spilling
Grounds that were unwilling
To fill the filter without me.

I had to do it apparently,
So of course, I spilled grounds across the counter top
On my typical kitchen coffee stop.

6 thoughts on “Coffee Prep

      1. I think I heard it first in an MFA seminar I took. We did a seminar on the way sounds of words can make you feel. There is a great section on it in the text book “Western Wind”. You have one of those natural abilities to work with words that sound good together, which is why I’d love to see you try free verse!

  1. I do drink coffee sometimes, especially when I need to drive long distance…

    don’t spill it,
    I feel like laughing when thinking about u frown when u spill.


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