Untucked or tucked

Untucked or tucked

I quickly turned around, realizing that something wasn’t right.
Leaving through the door I put the sign back in my sight
So that I could examine it and understand why
All those women were giving me the eye.

I looked back and forth between the two signs,
Then down at my shirt thinking mine’s
Obviously not tucked in.

3 thoughts on “Untucked or tucked

  1. This sounds like the new fashion trend to tuck in just the front of a t-shirt and leave the rest hanging out. Great work!

  2. I’m glad you liked it with that interpretation. perhaps the poem is unclear. Here’s the poem retold in prose.

    Guy walks into women’s restroom,
    turns around and leaves
    looks at mens sign and women’s sign misreading the signs to be representational of people with their shirt tucked in and without their shirt tucked in.
    The guy has his shirt untucked and is confused why people reacted by giving him the eye.

    Did anyone else have a different read?

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