Avoiding the Death of the Coffee Pot

Avoiding the Death of the Coffee Pot

I look at the coffeepot and know he’s
Purposefully dripping down slowly
But I’m too out of energy to get up
Walk over and steal a cup
From the drips, delightfully hot
Descending into the pot.

I look at him, imagining the worst
What if the coffee pot burst
And I had no caffeine inside of me.
In vein, he would have died for me.
I’d see my friend’s life come to pass
In broken coffee-shards of glass.

I grab a mug down from the shelf
and make a promise to myself
To avoid this tragedy
And grab the pot more carefully
Than I did inside my mind.
Then pour my cup so I’ll unwind.

One thought on “Avoiding the Death of the Coffee Pot

  1. Brewing coffee in an authentic Italian coffee maker would solve all your problems. It’s a stainless steel device that can’t possibly crack or shatter. Add some brown sugar and whipped cream, and Mmmmm…. a Starbuck-like treat at one-tenth the price.

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