The Halloween Social Contract

The Halloween Social Contract

Don’t stare with your eyes all a glaze,
As if it’s somehow my fault
When you don’t say the simple phrase,
And your race comes to a halt.

On my front porch, if you don’t engage in
The Halloween social contract,
Don’t try to convince me we live in an age when
The candy’s simply sacked

Without the secret code that tells me to release
Sweet sugary droplets into your bag.
My stash of candy depletes so yours can increase
So your pillowcase fills and starts to drag,

But only when the words are spoken
Will I give you a sugary token.
If you hold out a bag and our eyes simply meet,
That’s not the same as saying “trick or treat”.

4 thoughts on “The Halloween Social Contract

  1. Don’t forget the other social contract that’s overlooked. If my lights are off because it’s 9pm and I’m out of candy, don’t come ringing my door bell. 🙂

  2. Our Trick-or-Treaters actually seemed very selective and even with out lights on, we had people skip our house. It was weird this year.
    Another Social Contract thing is if you’re going to Trick-Or-Treat, you should wear a costume.

  3. So at 9:30pm last night, trick-or-treaters came by the house. We had turned the lights out almost 2 hours prior and every other trick-or-treat’er figured it out. Shannon told them we were out of candy to give out and one of them (a teenager) threw a temper-tantrum on our porch.

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