Still Life

apple and pear
"Apple and Pear" by Carrie Mitchell

Still Life

If a picture speaks a thousand words,
How does a painting get through a conversation?
There must be hundreds of things I haven’t heard
Staring at this representation

Of an apple and a pair.
The complexity of the gradient on the sphere,
The shadows and light draw me near
To what it is that I can’t hear,
And so I simply stare.

Perhaps if I cock my head just like so
Then the words would start to flow
And maybe my mind could retain
The words the painting speaks in vain.

Hmmm?   … Nothing


The Painting above was done by Carrie Mitchell.  If you have money to buy some nice art, go to her site and buy some art.  If you don’t have money to buy nice art, go to her site and flip through all the paintngs she’s posted up there.

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