poems are timestamps


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I need to block out the world.
Not always, but sometimes
I need to turn off the silence
And blaze a pounding presence
of membrane drumming under earphones,
Bobbing my head to privacy,
Noising my peripherals with imagery
I can ignore into focus.


Written while listening to this video over and over again playing on a nearby screen. :

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Maybe Not, Or

Maybe Not, Or

Maybe a poem will come.
It’s been some time,
But maybe words will rhyme out.
Lips, tips to keys
Mouthing mentions memorized
‘till transferred
to tapping tiles
pushing poems
toward a screen silently screaming
one way or another.

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March 19, 2014 · 7:33 am



When i don’t remember you
Years from now, drinking tea on the shore of somewhere.
You’ll be there, in the humble profound impact
Of my finger snaps chasing your name.

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I’ve made a brilliant cup of coffee this morning,
but as it touched my lip,
It devoured my taste for coffee
the moment I took a sip.

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Focused on Facebook


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May 31, 2013 · 5:38 am

Louder than Checkmarks

Louder than Checkmarks


We don’t just vote on election day.

We vote in every way we live our lives

Give our lives to others in sacrifice

Or vice versa.


The chains of a day don’t limit my voice

In a ballot cast, now past.

My choice is freedom now.

Can’t take that away

To lock in a day,

Preserved in results.


Results are unfolding,

Molding our understanding of society

How we want to be as a culture

A giver or a vulture.


I vote everyday,

Choose the way I say hello

To someone I don’t know,

Choose the smile across the counter,

Or choose the retraction of eye contact,

letting the impact keep us apart.


But I want to start fighting the me

That cares more about looking down

Than looking around.

That me that cares how I’ll get ahead

Instead of seeing who needs me

To be someone today in the way we interact.

The impact of my vote is in action.




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