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Indeterminate Progress Spinner

Indeterminate Progress Spinner

The indeterminate progress spinner
Means that I’m a winner
Of waiting…
For an amount of time that’s unquantifiable.

At least this is more reliable
Than the guestimated random generation
Of numbers predicting the sedation
Of my impatience…
Waiting for these digits to disappear
Since the end is supposedly near.


If you’re trying to confuse me you’ve succeeded.
The words you write amuse me.  You’ve repeated
An automatic prompt I cannot read
And so I type the text that hopefully will lead
To a page that leaves me feeling less perplexed
Than a page that’s popping up distorted text.

Sometimes I make typos (Video)

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Sum thyme’s I’m ache Thai pose

Sum thyme’s I’m ache Thai pose
Butt eyes up hose
Hats apart off fusing
Come pewter’s. Whirl oozing

Are ebb ill it he two ought toe
Core hector weed rat her
Ma sheen’s um owe no
how herds chews too gat her

let hers inn us pacific hoarder,
Witch his beater. En dime,
air head squid gills a porter
whose know shaving thyme

Whiff hit snot hunter limed inn read
They’re snow since inn re reed ding
Too Czechs peeling four miss leading
Thinks eye mite half’s ed.

Now CLICK HERE for the easy to read version of this poem

Distracted by Social Media

Distracted by social media

With floating fingers all a flitter
I typed my way to twitter
Then I moseyed on to look
In another cyber nook,

Allowing me to spend
Time with a Facebook friend.
But before Youtube had called me
I wrote this poem, which stalled me.

Some Times I Make Typos – Proofread copy

I guess you could say this is the English translation of Sum Thyme’s I’m ache Thai Pose.  You’ll want to click that link if you haven’t read the original version of the poem.

Some Times I Make Typos.

Some time’s I make typos,
But I suppose
That’s a part of using
Computers.  We’re losing

Our ability to auto
Correct or we’d rather
Machines somehow know
How words choose to gather

Letters in a specific order,
Which is better. And I’m,
a red squiggle supporter
who’s now saving time.

If it’s not under lined in red
There’s no sense in rereading
To check spelling for misleading
Things I might have said.

Upon Gmail’s Return

Upon Gmail’s Return

Gmail, my buddy, why were you down?
I looked for my mailings but none could be found
Not even your logo appeared on my screen.
Your nothingness leaving my mail all unseen.

Your finally back up and I’ve checked out my mail
And it looks like you’re running as if without fail
Except for the fact that I’m missing bold text
Of new mail, telling me others were hexed.