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Awkward Family Photos

There’s something deep inside me that sets off an alarm,
We see a family photo full of an awkward charm
That’s worthy of the internet for all the world to see
And laugh at all those poses that you hold so awkwardly.

The knee shelves, the arm shelves, the weapons of choice,
The costumes, the settings, cause me to rejoice.
With brothers as bacon and mommy the pooh
The awkwardian era’s all there just for you

To break from your day and click through endlessly
Finding family ideas for new Photos to be
On your cards, on your walls, those glares will be free
To awkwardly stare down more people like me.


visit http://www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Turn-Around Time


There are new fangled cameras with LCD Click-sures
instantly carrying clout
that your memory’s captured the digital pictures,
In zeros and ones, they’ve turned out.

But remember the old film cameras and printed photos
Where you didn’t know what was good.
You’d take a picture and have to suppose
They’d turn out, or hoped they would.

It could be months or even years before you’d venture to the store
To search through alphabetic bins for the film turned in before
Then you’d stumble on old photos to your ultimate delight
finding last years memories that had been out of sight.

Nowadays it’s instant that your friends can take a look
At ridiculous expressions that you bagged
In the shooting spree of friendly-fire photos that you took
And posted to subsequently be tagged.