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Utensils for Eating Ice Cream

Utensils for Eating Ice Cream

Ice cream should only be served with a small spoon.
So that the end will not arrive too soon.
A large spoon makes the moment all too short
But will suffice if it’s a last resort.

The other exception that I could make
Is eating ice cream with my cake.
I wouldn’t break the cake-fork combination
For the small spoon Ice cream sensation.

Plastic forks though, change the rule of play
Since you don’t know when a prong might break away.
When using plastic, a spoon’s the way to go
To be safe on all utensil rules I know.

But the one ice cream utensil that’s the best
By far, held up above the rest
That trumps the spoon rules I suppose
Would be the one that’s underneath your nose.

Breakfast Sandwich: Eggs Over Medium on Toast

Breakfast Sandwich: Eggs Over Medium on Toast

When the yoke’s about to burst
I do a simple action first.
A pre-squeeze makes my sandwich flat
So I’ll avoid the strayed egg splat

That shoots off from the sandwich side
To Rorschach shapes of yellow dyed
In dress shirts that now wear the joke
Of sandwiches that squirt out yoke.

Grilled Cheese Vs. Taco

Grilled Cheese Vs. Taco

Taco cuts to the cheese, “Lets get down to business.”
Looks at the sandwich and says, “I can wiz this.”
Onlookers respond, “dude, that cheese is cut
He’s ripped out like Rambo to kick your butt.”

But still Taco thinks “no man I’ll unbread him,
Leave him for slices of cheese then I’ll shred him.
He’ll crumble like feta, shake like parmesan
This grilled cheese is girl cheese I’ve stumbled upon.”

“Careful,” said Grilled Cheese “you shell of a taco.
I’ll break you apart and make you a nacho,
I’ll flatten you out and scare out your toppings.
Don’t bother me kid, go scrape up your droppings.”




What’s better than makin’
up some more bacon,
That’s up for the takin’
When no one has stake in
The slow cookin’ bacon.

‘Cause inside the kitchen,
Those who don’t pitch in
Come in for snitchin’

And though this might be stressing
There’s no real point in guessing
The culprits aren’t confessing
Who’s stealing bacon blessing.