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In Decisions

Sometimes we get caught in indecision,
We pray about something, but never really know
the level of correction that God’s vision
Has for us, our lives, and where we go.

We all know he’s a really smart guy since
He invented what inventors use
It’s not dumb to seek his guidance
In all those choices that we choose

But I seem to get stuck in the waiting
For answers he’s placed in my heart,
Overlooking my free will creating
The answers desires impart.


Bird Poop Rainbow

My windshield wipers smear bird poop across the window.
As if the Holy Spirit’s in the form of a Dove,
I look at this white brown and green rainbow
And start thinking ‘bout God’s covenant Love.

We want a movie with music and clean rays of light
Even though Jesus healed eyes with dirt and spit.
Although we don’t all get the gift of sight,
Don’t tell me that God doesn’t give a poop.


Spiritual Communion

I could stare at your face forever,
In the Eucharist my pleasure
See you looking back at me with love.

Your smile is upon me
This mystery can be
All that nothing I think of.

My mind is blank inside you
Though it wanders where it’s tried to
It always wanders back upon your gaze.

I’m sanctified in mystery
From complicated history
To undisputed love where Jesus Stays.

I meditate to taste of you, and feel you in my mind upon my tongue
Swallowing the grace of you, This spiritual place anew,
With songs I never knew the angels sung.