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Halloween without Trick-Or-Treating

Halloween without Trick-Or-Treating

I can’t think of another holiday that’s quite like this,
Where you move an event and then somehow miss
The holiday altogether when the day rolls around
The costumes are all worn and lying on the ground.

Trick-or-treating was a couple days ago
Bumped out of place by a football show
But without the trick-or-treating, what’s one do
When the day called Halloween’s un-costumed too.

In Memory of the Franciscan Sign

In Memory of the Franciscan Sign

How will they fill this sign-shaped hole that’s now inside my heart?
They’ve taken down Franciscan’s sign and broken it apart.
I hope they don’t replace it with some corporate looking art
But rather choose a design that will iconically impart

The feeling from the sign they took, how it used to be.
The wooden sign from Old Franciscan’s now a memory
Without the sign for Camp Franciscan, how on earth will we
Know where to turn when driving up on University.


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Catholic Pickup Lines

Catholic Pickup Lines

Didn’t I see you at World Youth Day?
How about you, me, and a Passion Play?
I always kiss on the lips at the sign of peace.
After shaking hands, we’re supposed to release?

I think the iris’s in your eyes,
Remind me of the little flower.
It only took me 22 tries
Before I found your holy hour.

I need a partner for my marriage prep class,
And since you distract me at mass,
We could get married and stop stalling?
Was my message on your phone your calling?

Wanna call it the March for Wife,
Start a family and be pro-life?
Should I genuflect or stand in line,
‘Cause girl, you look absolutely divine.

Do you have the gift of interpretation?
Or can I whisper sweet nothings in your ear?
Lets start a up a good conversation
Holding theology of your body near.

Was I knocked out by your beauty or slain in the spirit?
I hear you’ve got the gift of tongues, want to share?
I didn’t know my pilgrimage stopped here it’s
Great though to be stuck inside your stare.

We’ll go out after a decade or two
But lets not rush, lets pray this moment lingers.
I forgot my rosary, can I share with you?
You forgot yours? Lets use my fingers.

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On the Way to the Well

I live in a place where the water’s unclean
And rather than choosing to drink the unseen
I go to the store for a vending machine
Dispensing five gallons of water that’s clean.

All my containers experienced drought
So last night I gathered them up for my route
To a filtration spot that’s completely about
The reverse osmosis to get garbage out.

Only it starts to pour as I pull in the lot.
I luckily manage to get the first spot,
But I sit in my car because I’d rather not
Get soaked to the bone like someone who’s caught

On a walk unsuspecting the water to come.
I see it, I came to get gallons of some
Cleaner water that’s filtered and not falling from
The sky I fault for this unfortunate sum

Of water that falls down with irony’s pain.
As me and my empty containers complain.
I step out in puddles that think I’m insane
To go out for some water in this kind of rain.