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Spending Money on Show and Tell

Spending Money on Show and Tell

They never advertise
So you realize
That you can wait
To work it in your budget.
They’d rather you complicate
Your budget and fudge it.

But while your mentally defending
The purchase in your mind,
That wasn’t supposed to be
More than you typically
Would end up spending
On something of this kind.

They advertise that TV
Or whatever deal you see,
That’s now at a discount
And it’s only “X” amount.

And at that price, “you deserve it,”
So you might as well
Buy it and preserve it
For show and tell.

Play Money

Play Money

My son asked for some money
Pretend though it might be,
He thought that it was funny
When I suggested he

Pretend to earn his pay,
Play with money that he’s made.
“If that’s the game you want to play
Go work and then get paid.”

My bank changed its name

My bank changed its name

One day they’ll make bank signs cheaper
like Halloween USA.
A temporary keeper
Of the name they picked that day

They’ll stretch their flimsy banner
Across the stonework on the lawn
And call the formal manor
A name that will be gone

By the time I order checks
And see that they’ve arrived.
I bet they’ll have the next
New name that they’ve contrived.

This vehicle will truly get me far

This vehicle will truly get me far,
Though I sputter down the Franciscan Way.
I still remember when I bought my car.

Car payments and I would no longer spar,
Instead I pay myself and now can say
This vehicle will truly get me far.

This vehicle is one that’s more on par
With one who lives like no one else today.
I still remember when I bought my car

Opportunity knocked this door ajar
So I went and stood inside the doorway.
This vehicle will truly get me far.

I’ll drive a beater then I’ll raise the bar
and buy something that’s less work and more play.
I still remember when I bought my car

It was a choice that some viewed as bizarre.
This turning point’s recalled as I relay
This vehicle will truly get me far
I still remember when I bought my car.

Newsprint Vs. The iPhone

The engineer and iPhone both concurred
Newsprint’s slowly picking up the slack
There’s an application in the printed word,
Uniquely, it can turn your fingers black.

This inky application, developers can’t copy
And that’s not the only Ap that’s prized in pages
For us who think the data plan’s a lot we
Search outside the screen to spend our wages.

Buying into the wrapping application for vases,
For 3D Art we paste Paper Mache.
The competition that the iPhone faces
keeps expanding applications every day.

Certainly iPhones are falling behind
Nostalgia in newsprint technology
Advanced engineers have tried but can’t find
An Ap that’s as good for canary pee.

Vending Machine

I know that I’ve just been had
By the vending machine so glad
To take my money and stand there
So next time I’ll know where

I can take my dollar and shove it
in a machine that already took my two cents.
Inconveniently I love it,
Spending money on convenience.

Still, I’m paying too much
for half a bag of chips
still hanging in the clutch
of its twisty metal grips.

I feed the box more presidents
To let the chips fall where they may
But now two bags of hesitance
Will fight another day.