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A Series of Stills

A Series of Stills

Caught in shaded glowing glares
My tunnel vision soon ensnares
My ears hear muted waves as blares
Of flickering light, retinal wears.

I’ve tried to look away and do
Those things that you know, I’ve tried to,
But I’m caught inside and can’t undo
This stare to there where you look too.

Now socially we gaze and see
This glowing box so frequently
Our stares collide so mystically,
You know it’s love of our TV.

Drive Me to Think

Drive Me to Think.

If you drive me to drink, I won’t drive.
If you cause me to think I won’t thrive.
The intellect sedation
in our stumbling conversation
suggests to me our wit will not survive.

Survival of the fittest won’t apply
Beer guts will be attached until we die
We’ll drink down to the dregs
Turn our six packs into kegs
Then pander life and liberty, or try.

Baby Bounce

Baby Bounce

It’s my turn and so I’m bouncing my baby
And part of me thinks that maybe,
When I’m wonder-whying,
Without reason, he’ll stop crying.

Like when we’re at the grocery store
And he’s not crying anymore
Then someone asks if he’s always this way
And I smile perplexed at what I should say.

Grilled Cheese Vs. Taco

Grilled Cheese Vs. Taco

Taco cuts to the cheese, “Lets get down to business.”
Looks at the sandwich and says, “I can wiz this.”
Onlookers respond, “dude, that cheese is cut
He’s ripped out like Rambo to kick your butt.”

But still Taco thinks “no man I’ll unbread him,
Leave him for slices of cheese then I’ll shred him.
He’ll crumble like feta, shake like parmesan
This grilled cheese is girl cheese I’ve stumbled upon.”

“Careful,” said Grilled Cheese “you shell of a taco.
I’ll break you apart and make you a nacho,
I’ll flatten you out and scare out your toppings.
Don’t bother me kid, go scrape up your droppings.”

A Generic, Cut-and-Pasted Happy Birthday

A Generic, Cut-and-Pasted Happy Birthday

I know you or I don’t know you, but I guess either way
I’ll cut and paste a message of what I’d like to say.
So happy birthday so-and-so, enjoy this rhymed relay
From bonjourpoetry dot com and have a bless-ed day.

This is something I wrote to have something to write on facebook walls for people’s birthdays.