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Baby Bounce

Baby Bounce

It’s my turn and so I’m bouncing my baby
And part of me thinks that maybe,
When I’m wonder-whying,
Without reason, he’ll stop crying.

Like when we’re at the grocery store
And he’s not crying anymore
Then someone asks if he’s always this way
And I smile perplexed at what I should say.

Grilled Cheese Vs. Taco

Grilled Cheese Vs. Taco

Taco cuts to the cheese, “Lets get down to business.”
Looks at the sandwich and says, “I can wiz this.”
Onlookers respond, “dude, that cheese is cut
He’s ripped out like Rambo to kick your butt.”

But still Taco thinks “no man I’ll unbread him,
Leave him for slices of cheese then I’ll shred him.
He’ll crumble like feta, shake like parmesan
This grilled cheese is girl cheese I’ve stumbled upon.”

“Careful,” said Grilled Cheese “you shell of a taco.
I’ll break you apart and make you a nacho,
I’ll flatten you out and scare out your toppings.
Don’t bother me kid, go scrape up your droppings.”

A Generic, Cut-and-Pasted Happy Birthday

A Generic, Cut-and-Pasted Happy Birthday

I know you or I don’t know you, but I guess either way
I’ll cut and paste a message of what I’d like to say.
So happy birthday so-and-so, enjoy this rhymed relay
From bonjourpoetry dot com and have a bless-ed day.

This is something I wrote to have something to write on facebook walls for people’s birthdays.

Coat Rack Reactions

Coat Rack Reactions

You are the coat rack where I hang up my reactions.
I look to you to see how I’m doing.
Did you like the whole poem, or just fractions
Of an idea I was pursuing?

Both suits and holey jeans as well,
Aligned and hung upon the torturous rack.
Reacting verse that’s taking time to spell
Out situations otherwise held back.

I leave my clothes to hang suspended
In time you’ll pick up a hat or a glove
From an outfit left out, intended
For your wear.  To hate or to love.

Silence Interrupting

Silence Interrupting

This Silence interrupts me when it’s most inopportune,
When a conversation lulls perhaps too soon.
When silence speaks, we listen to what it has to say
As it awkwardly fills up our own delay.

Stuck in a Stare: Part 2

Stuck in a Stare: Part 2

Even if there’s something in me that doesn’t love a wall,
There’s something deep inside that wants to stare and stall,
To take a moment and reflect
Superficially dissect
With a visual incision,
Whatever’s in my vision.

It’s a calling that one has at a particular time and place
And although it makes no sense, you can erase
Your thoughts of the rest of the world
And let your body be hurled

Into some sort of stand-by mode
Released by a secret code
Or prematurely quite abruptly
If you choose to interrupt me.

I’ll hold nothing personal against you
If you steal my introverted view,
But why choose it so I lose it,
Why not choose to use it?

Why would you take my view just to take it,
Take my stare in your hands and break it?
People in our culture don’t get it
If a stare must continue, then let it.

There is no rule that says otherwise
So take a moment to finish with your eyes
Before returning to the tasks you have at hand,
By doing so, you’ll come to understand

Why someone sits and sticks inside a stare
And why you should let them have a moment there,
Enjoying this spectator sport
Even if it has to be cut short.

Facebook Poem

Facebook Poem

I’ll see what you’ve been up to
In a place where time suspends,
Hung up on walls for me to view
What’s up with all my friends,

Friends I haven’t spoken too
For forever and a day
Or friends I’ve never met who
Just happen in to say

A comment on my wall, a link,
Perhaps a status update.
If I don’t stop and think,
At least I hesitate

Before I click to view your photos
And all your conversations.
Perhaps you did not know that those
Were public complications

That I just saw, or over heard
By clicking through the sprawls
Of information friends inferred
And wrote on others’ walls.

Do I Drive-Thru?

Do I Drive-Thru?

There is a time when it all comes together
That instant when you have to make a choice
You reach a climactic moment as to whether
You go in or speak to a voice.

Do you enter brick and mortar,
Where it’s obviously shorter.
I can’t imagine it’d be worse in-
Side where there’s one person.

Still I think the way to go
Is driving with my radio
Allowing frequency of talk in
My car to stop my walk-in.