Month: February 2010

The Ritual of Getting in My Car.

The Ritual of Getting in My Car.

I open my car door and find a swirl of snow
Slow mo-ing in my mind
As it floats methodically downward to my seat.
I grab the scraper and brush off the windows
Before the snow goes
Up against my pants to complete
the melting that started
when it parted with the outside of my car.




You’re growing like stalactites from my gutter
Fed by drips to the tips that sputter
Spittle from the rooftops
As melted snow becomes drops.

Each day you’re growing longer
And I debate if I should make you
Come down before you’re stronger
But I don’t want to break you.

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Thanks to all of you who’ve been reading.  You make me smile.



Someone held up a mirror and I saw my pride.
All over my face was a defense that I’d
Prepared and had ready to go.
I stared at a steady show
Of “but”s and “if”s that I didn’t know
Existed before this reflection persisted
On showing me a token
Of a larger me that was broken.